Importing your airdrop from the Handshake faucet

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This article is for the ~10,000 or so people who received the Handshake airdrop from the original faucet (see screenshot). Keep reading to import your airdrop to Namebase to register Handshake names or sell your coins.

Original faucet for the airdrop

How can I import my airdrop to Namebase?

First, you'll need to find the seed phrase that you received from the faucet.You'll have received it from a page that looked like this

To import your Handshake coins into your Namebase wallet, go to your Namebase dashboard and click on Add Funds then click Import Seed Phrase.

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Copy and paste your seed phrase into the input and click Submit.

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That's it! The coins will be done importing after 6 confirmations on the Handshake blockchain (~30 min), and you'll be able to use them to register Handshake names or sell them for dollars or bitcoin as you please.

Important: Don't re-use the seed phrase you copied and pasted into Namebase. If you want to generate a Handshake wallet outside of Namebase, use a different seed phrase.

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