How to buy HNS

Namebase makes it easy to buy Handshake coins (HNS). We currently offer two ways to buy HNS depending on where you're based and what kind of experience you're looking for. Namebase is a custodial Handshake wallet that will securely hold any HNS you purchase.

Watch How to fund your Namebase account using BTC from an Exchange or Wallet. We use Coinbase and as examples. However the process is the same when using other wallets or exchanges.

This is the easiest way to buy HNS. You can do it right from your dashboard. You'll pay the market rate for HNS.

Availability: Users in all supported countries

Payment options: BTC, USD (currently only available to US residents)

Namebase Exchange

A more advanced interface to buy HNS. Learn more about Namebase Exchange.

Availability: Non-US users only

Payment options: BTC

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