Staking in Namebase Registry vs Decentralized SLDs

Staking your name in the Namebase Registry to sell subdomains is not the same as selling decentralized subdomains. There are efforts underway to enable decentralized subdomains on L2 chains like Ethereum but the infrastructure to support this is still in development. If you want to eventually sell decentralized subdomains using your name, we recommend you DO NOT stake in the Namebase Registry for now.

This Namer News post gives more detail on what staking in the Namebase Registry entails. In addition, here is a quick comparison between selling subdomains through the Namebase Registry and selling decentralized subdomains on Ethereum (subject to change given that decentralized SLDs are still in the R&D stage).

Namebase Registry

Decentralized ETH Registry

Staking cost

100 HNS

$500+ (dependent on gas fees)

Subdomain overhead

30% Registry Fee

$100+ (dependent on gas fees)

Subdomain type



Registrar support

Supported in,, (+ more traditional domain registrars in the future)

Not supported in traditional domain registrars

Unstaking supported

Yes after 1 year

TBD (likely not supported)

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